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Better delivery through partnerships.

Xentient strives to build relationships with services partners who consistently deliver brilliantly.

In order for us to put forward a delivery partner in the competencies outlined below, we need to be absolutely certain that they will deliver to our standards and expectations.

We help to manage the delivery as part of our advisory services capacity and take accountability for the delivery if our partner is chosen to work with our customers.


Almost every customer has a need for superior design and usability advice and delivery across websites, internal systems, communications, micro-sites and the like.

We partner with highly experienced web developers, design specialists, creative directors and eCommerce gurus to provide our customers with global standard services in these fields.


In our opinion, business intelligence and analytics should spearhead every enterprise solution. 

We work with key PowerBI and Tableau partners to bring some of the best data science, business analytics and dashboarding solutions available in the market, to our customers.


One of the most prolific technologies on the planet today is Microsoft Office and SharePoint is right up there.

So many customers will have Office 365 running as well as an instance of SharePoint, but with little understanding of the complexity behind true enterprise information management. Together with our Office 365 and SharePoint partner, we help to architect the right solutions, taxonomies and information architectures and deploy real solutions for our customers on these technologies. Often this may see a move away from SharePoint and more focus on Teams, Planner and other Office 365 offerings. This is entirely dependant on the business objectives and the right solution for the business.


Change management is a core area of competence for Xentient and we partner with a specialised videography and media company with expert 2D animators, copywriters, sound engineers and voice over artists to provide incredible change campaigns.

We also truly believe in ensuring that all solutions are adopted by the intended audiences, so we are often engaged on projects that are almost complete or even post completion, where adoption has not been what was envisaged by the customer.


From our experience, BPM and automation are starting to go more hand-in-hand with predictive analytics and AI in improving processes and identifying potential bottlenecks in advance based on historical evidence form the processes being run over and over. Our previous BPM technology partner was not advancing with the times.

We, therefore, recently changed technology partners and in January 2019 to work with Flowcentric Technologies. We found, through our clients, that FlowCentric has incredible attention to customer service and delivery, completely focussing on their needs and bringing true value to the technology table. As a result, FlowCentric is actively displacing previously world-renowned technologies purely by customer references given our sterling track record and professionalism. 


An end-to-end video communications service for influential brands & organisations

who want to create customer journeys, build brands and tell stories.

Our partner’s animation studio produces outstanding 2D & 3D animated material,

ideal for sharing concepts, bespoke training libraries, enlightening your audiences

and delighting customers.

Our portfolio & services are geared toward creating long-term relationships in new, niche markets.

Please feel free to get in touch with us if you are exploring any of the initiatives mentioned above. We will gladly help you in either selecting a vendor, manage them and the delivery, or in helping to provide an independent audit on the delivery efficacy in relation to the business objectives.