Architecting for Adoption - A4A

Know where you are going, make sure you can get there.

We engage with CEOs, COOs, and CIO/CTOs, to fully understand your business objectives, the current technology landscape, and pain points. 

The solutions that we help to architect, and the technologies that we choose, help to steer the ship in he right direction, and have every rowing in sync.

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Translating business into solutions

Diving into the heart of your business, we bridge the gap between business and IT on your behalf. We work together with your C-level executives and various management teams to unpack and understand what the business needs to achieve in the short, medium and long-term.

We then analyse and understand how well geared the current IT environment is to meet these needs and objectives. We also evaluate your vendors and cost structures to provide advice where possible on cost-cutting and effective vendor management.

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Design for Adoption

Design for Adoption is a term spearheaded by an amazing CIO, Tony Christodoulou. It embodies our ethos and approach to customer solutions.

Given our extensive experience in the solution delivery space, we are very often well geared to aid in the design of the solution to solve the problems or meet the objectives that we uncover.

Here we often land up writing the request for proposal and helping to adjudicate the vendors.

Where we have technology partners or solution vendors bidding, we extract ourselves from the process from an ethical perspective.

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Very often we are brought in to "sanity check" a solution, manage an array of vendors, or review current contracts preceding delivery.

We have also been involved in writing certain contracts with the legal teams in order to align these more tightly with IT programmes and shifting landscapes.

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