The way of work has changed. Why hasn't your organisation?

Remember that time when playing with SharePoint just created a mess?

The way of work has changed. It is difficult to dispute this fact.

The start of that change happened a few years back, however it has been radically accelerated during 2020.

People no longer go to an intranet to collaborate and store documents, this now happens through Teams, Slack, JIRA and the like.

The biggest mistake however, is that these technologies will not work efficiently in an enterprise, if proper planning for information architecture is done. The same planning effort required for preceding technologies, is still required. 

A Tower of Stones
Teams and SharePoint.png


Change the way you think about SharePoint and Microsoft 365. Harness the value from your investments.

In our experience, a blend of Teams and SharePoint together with other MS365 offerings (depending on the type of business and departments) is the best approach from an end user interaction perspective.

This does not mean that one cannot plan, without a proper information architecture and content types in the back end, Teams can become a mess. just like Slack.

We help to blend the world of user adoption and effective content management.